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Climbing Camp Day 3 and 4

Climbing Camp Day 3
Today we were suppose to climb 10,550 Ft. and 94 miles but the weather decided to roll in.  As you can see we got a little chilly.  Group huddle in the van.  We ended up only doing 70 miles and 6700 ft. of climbing.  The steep descents get a little scary when its really wet, especially when its a 20% grade.  Yikes!


We were all happy to get back and we went straight to the wine bar/coffee shop.  I’m sure you know what my beverage of chose was. (WINE)  I’m sure you know what the Princess In Training’s beverage of choice was.  (COFFEE)  She’s still in training on the wine/beer drinking. I haven’t succeed with training in that area yet.  She decided peeing outside, going commando was enough for her to handle this trip. She is very modest.   We have to take baby steps.  Next lesson for tomorrow…The Farmer blow.  I have a feeling this will be a very slow learning process.

FYI:  That is not Melissa’s wine she’s pretending she’s a big girl and drinking with us.



Day 4 climbing camp.


Today’s ride is 47 miles and 5,000 ft. of climbing.  I did 50 miles.  I know, over achiever.  The first hill climb out of the shoot had an 18% grade.  Definitely not a fun warm up.
It started spitting rain as we headed up that climb.  We knew we had a small window to get this ride done before the rain came.  We did a lot of riding along the ocean and it was beautiful. A treat for Melissa.


FYI to everyone.  Buy stock in STAIN STICK.  White and rain are not a good combination.  To solve this problem make sure you buy several more kits so you aren’t riding around dirty. Not a good thing for our sponsors to see.  I’m taking orders for vest, jackets, shorts, jerseys, knee warmers, arm warmers etc…..


Next issue.  I wore my bibs for the first time ever today and I was wondering why Melissa was complaining all week about her bibs.  Now I totally get it.  Bibs are only good for days doing Crits.  Bibs are awful for distance rides and especially when rain is involved.  Stripping down in the bushes in rain is not fun.  I own 2 pair of shorts and 1 bib and I’m ordering some more shorts for all my distance riding.  Ride the Rockies is our next distance event and I’m not taking bibs.


I’m sure you are all wondering how my training is going with the PRINCESS IN TRAINING.  Today we all went out at our own pace because of the weather so no FARMER BLOWING practice happened.  I’ll keep you all updated.


Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.  If it’s raining they will have to cancel the camp because of the steep climbs and descents.  If this happens Santa Barbara here we come.  Watch out!!!!


Rich the head of camp giving Melissa a lead out on his Electra bike for the hill climb win.