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The Amandas Top 10 Things We Learned from Camp Moab

We just had our team camp and had 20+ Race and Club team ladies come from all over Colorado to convene in Moab, Utah during the Skinny Tire Festival (great item Roberta won at the BRAC Road Awards Party). We played in the dirt, road through state and national parks, national monuments, and drank a little too much wine. Here’s a very brief recap from the twins but more to follow of our team camp. 

As kids we went to camp to get away, stay up late, eat food our parents would never give us, and not shower.  As adults camp is actually very similar.  The Amandas packed all our chamois, a couple extra bottles of wine, and headed West to Camp Naked Moab with 18 of our fellow teammies.

Here are 10 things we learned from Camp Naked Moab:

  1. Berta “The Basa$$” will teach you everything from paceling to Peace Corp Popcorn
  2. Even though everyone might like the twins, not everyone considers the best part of waking up is overly excited Amandas chitty chatty loudly.
  3. Your legs aren’t the only things that need to shut up; butt, thighs, feet, Helga, etc…
  4. The scenery always makes up for the elevation gain… ALWAYS.
  5. Riding with your teammies in crumy weather is way better than riding indoors & alone…period.
  6. Real team bonding happens at a winery.. chocolate, cheese, and wine are great for recovery!
  7. There are no deer in Utah!
  8. Jumping fences is only legal when there are hot tubs behind them
  9. Paul is the best husband any group of Naked cyclist sister wives could ever have
  10. We have the greatest group of teammates and friends anyone could ask for

Already looking forward to Camp Steamboat,

The Amandas