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Last Day of Climbing Camp in the Santa Monica Mountains

Melissa and Sharon survived their climbing camp. Watch out Colorado hill climbs! These two are ready.
Today only half of the campers went out because of the high chance of rain.  WIMPS!  We had 52 miles and 5,000 ft. of climbing to do.  The Princess in training didn’t go out because she could barely sit down let alone put her tush on a saddle.  No FARMER BLOW training happening today.  We will have to wait for another occasion.
We headed out of town with a little sun.  Started our first climb and I started feeling the rain.  Here we go again another wet ride.  Get to the top of that climb and I start feeling pellets hitting me.  I’m thinking what is this I’m in Cali not Colorado  Descending in a hail storm is not fun.  I had a microdermabrasion before I left town I didn’t need another one.  The hail went away but it continued to rain as we went up the second climb.  The picture below is me at the top of the second climb getting ready to descend into that beautiful clear sky below. WRONG!
I get to the bottom and within seconds it starts hailing again then downpours.  I pedaled as fast as I could back to the barn.  I was a wet, cold, dirty Naked Chick.  Despite all the rain and cool weather it was a very fun challenging week. A great way to start off my season.

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