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Day 2: 60 miles and 7,139 ft. of climbing.

More from our mountain goats, Sharon and Melissa, on their climbing camp in CA. 

Today was very foggy, misty and a little cold.  As we kept climbing it got harder and harder to see.  I thought “Heck who needs to see when riding a bike?  Just ride straight up and go straight down”.  Once we descended the first climb which was 8 miles long it started clearing up but the sun never really came out.
The second climb was beautiful up Old Topango Canyon.  After we finished that climb it was time for more, more, more climbing.  Next we headed up the third climb which had some 12% grades.  The views made it worth all the work as the homes up there were beautiful.  So far I have learned the following about California: everyone drives a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW and the homes are huge and beautiful but they are all for sale and this state is bankrupt.  Go figure!
Today I had to coach my Princess in training a little more.  She needed to learn to pee outside in the bushes.  I couldn’t get her to do it at the first Sag stop.  It was so foggy you could have peed in the middle of the road and no one would have seen you but there was no way she was going to do it.  Then we got to the second Sag stop and I told her she had to go.  It was like potty training my first child.  I take her over to the bushes, give her instructions and she said she couldn’t go.  I stood there and told her we weren’t leaving until she went.  Finally she went and I was the most excited proud mother.  I told her she would get her treat when we got back to the hotel.  Melissa has not been indoctrinated into the TOUGH CHICK CLUB.
The rain is suppose to come in later this week so they have turned tomorrow into a 94 mile ride with 10,500 feet of climbing. One of the climbs has a 20% grade.
To be continued……..