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Day 1: And then there was climbing

More mountain goat adventures in California!

First day of camp with 25 riders.

We had 3 climbs today.  First climb, no big deal.  Second climb was an almost 9 mile climb.  A bigger deal.  I told Melissa to pretend she was riding up Vail Pass.
We started descending the second climb and I was loving every minute of it.  Going fast downhill is so exhilarating.  Just when I was really flying my biggest fear happened, my tire went flat.  My heart started pounding but I remembered years ago someone telling me if you flat going down hill feather your brakes, try to keep your bike straight and keep calm.  I did all the above and was able to stay up right.  Whew!  Thank you God.  I’m sure Saint Cyr was watching over me.  In the mean time Melissa, who was in front of me, slows down and turns around to see if I was okay.  She drops her chain and couldn’t clip out of her pedals and falls over.  She was okay but embarrassed because she got laughed at by all the fellow riders around her.
After that bit of excitement and embarrassment for both of us it was time to do what we do best, climb!  The third climb was a big yowza with parts of it getting up to a 19% grade.  All you could do was stand up on your bike and work your way up that hill and hope you didn’t topple over.  Thankfully it was only 4 miles up with a very steep descent coming down.  We all made it down in one piece.
My buddy Melissa has lived a very sheltered life.  My friends call me the Princess and her the Princess in training.  We’ve had to teach her a few new things on the road.  I do not wear bibs because of the peeing issues.  Melissa who has never worn bibs orders only bibs.  For those of you who don’t know bibs are a tough thing when you have to pee behind bushes.  Melissa has never peed in the wilderness so Sam and I take her under our wings and teach her about the other side of cycling
With all the mishaps and milestones we ended up doing 70 miles and 6800 ft. of climbing.  A great day was had by one and all.
To be continued with day 2…….