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First race of the season….and ever!

Jessica had her VERY first race on Saturday at the VERY first race of the season. We think she’s got the bug and gaurantee you’ll see her several times throughout the road race season.

I had been asked several times leading up to Frostbite if I would compete and every time I was asked I would respond with “NO WAY!” I was needing a lot more training and just the thought of it would make my hands clammy. Four days before the race and after a couple of very convincing conversations I decided to stop being silly and sign up. From then until the race there was no more sleep. Every night I stayed awake tossing a turning and every mention of the race I could feel my face get red and my heart feel like it was about to jump out of my chest. I was so nervous.

Saturday morning came round fast and next thing I knew I was at the start line. Having heard that they will always hold you at the start I decided I would use my new pedals that I had just purchased earlier that week. Just my luck, this race they didn’t hold you. I had started riding and was still not clipped in. I didn’t want to go slow so pedaled as hard as a could with my one leg then coasted and try to clip in again. I finally got clipped in and felt I was so far behind everybody that I needed to go as fast as I could to catch up.

On the way back it was a slight uphill and felt like the wind had got even stronger. My goal coming into the race was to have fun and not come last. I succeeded at both things. It was one of the most exciting weekends I have ever had and such a great learning experience. I now know to never use new equipment on race day, I have the most encouraging team mates, Amanda 2.0’s jokes are great for the nerves and races with Anna will have muffins at the end. I cannot wait till my next race!!