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News Flash: The Naked Twins Make Road Racing Return in 2013


The Naked Twins Make Road Racing Return in 2013 

DENVER, Colo (February 19, 2013) – After last years triumphant debut of the Naked twins, we are pleased and concerned to announce the return of the Amandas.

“Last year was like waking up from a comma to discover you had a twin you never knew about and the weirdest part is she looks just like me” said Amanda Cyr.

“Yeah, all my life I knew I was missing something but never did I imagine it was a twin I never knew I had!” weeped Amanda Bye. “She is the padding to my chamois” smirked Cyr and “she is the cream to my itch” winked Bye.

They both have had to work through their new found identical identities though.  Cyr talks about having to overcome learning that her twin had in fact tried to eat her in the womb.  “There was a reason I felt like I had been in a zombie movie in my past life.”

“I have always loved me some BBQ and there is no hiding that” Bye said jokingly…we hope.

Quick Left CEO and Colorado Womens Cycling Project sponsor Ingrid Alongi was overheard stating “I would rank them in a top 500 female cycling twins of all times VH1 special if someone paid me.”  Rolling Stones magazine is calling this “The most anticipated return to the stage since Milli Vanilli.”  Just recently Will.I.AM begged the girls to be featured in his new chart topper “Scream and Shout”.

2013 looks to be a big year for the hottest Naked twins since the Olsen sisters.  “Parents better watch your children cross the street and crazy jumping deer beware” touts Bye.  “No road rash too deep, no curb too high” proclaimed Cyr.  “We are back to bring the Naked Amandas action to a city near you!”

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