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First Time Trial of the Season

Ingrid is getting a jump start to the racing season in Colorado with the race of truth, the Frostbite Time Trial. Guaranteed to be windy and epic, this is one not to be missed! Read what you can expect from the course that day. 

In just about 2 weeks, the 2013 road cycling season in Colorado will start with the Frostbite Time Trial. I know a lot of people are far from excited about this (made worse by the fact that it snowed yesterday). But, I’m here to encourage everyone to get out there, despite their feelings about time trials.

The time trial is known as the “race of truth” — just you against the clock, you against your own mind. One of the hardest parts of a time trial is trying not to get mentally distracted from the task at hand–pedaling hard, pedaling with consistency. Distraction can lead to the slightest let up of effort, as the seconds tick away. You don’t have anyone else around you to help gauge your effort or pace, you just have to set an internal goal and try to stick with it.

I would not call time trials fun, in the “puppy dogs and roller coasters” sense of the word, but they do give a sense of satisfaction when you can get through them. I suppose you can call them “number 2 fun” in that the fun is realized later when you’re done and reflecting on a hard day’s work. And here’s where the convincing comes in (or, why you should embrace the time trial even if you hate them).

Time trials, especially early season ones, are a great way to gauge where you’re at with your fitness, while still leaving time to make changes for the season.

There’s also something about being in a race situation that enables you to push a little harder than if you were just doing a long effort in training. You’ve got people passing you (or at least I do) and that means they’ve made up the split–your adrenaline kicks in and you can react. You can’t quit (that would be pretty sad since they are usually flat and not difficult in terrain).

And don’t let the lack of fancy equipment keep you from entering a time trial–a set of aero bars is all you need. Note my picture/position–it’s not super aero, but I can still work on my own internal goals. I know that such equipment does help you gain a better time, but a good effort is still a good effort–fancy schmancy wheels or not.

I’m not in the running to win these things, heck, I usually get last or second to last place in the Women’s 1/2 category. So, I focus on my own goals. I try to focus on an average speed and keeping my cadence above a certain RPMs (to keep the legs fresher for the whole effort). Of, course, if you have power, you can keep track of your effort that way, too! Time trials can be a great way to kick off the season, so have at ’em! Enjoy and good luck!

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