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Colorado Headwinds and Hills

Floridian turned Coloradan, Em, discovers just how windy (and hilly) the west can be!

After fighting off the horrible cold that everyone has had for a few days on the couch I decided I had to go out to ride my bike this past Sunday.  It was in the 50s!! After weeks in the 10-15 range, I was crazy not to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

On my plan- nice easy 2 hour spin.. That lasted about 10 minutes when I decided to go up Eldorado Blvd in Interlocken to open up/suffer a little/try to move up on Strava(ohh the elusive Strava.. how you always get me, even in the off season).  At the top of Eldorado I decided to turn right onto 128 towards MacCaslin, as I got towards where I should of turned right I decided to keep going straight and stay on the Morgul Bismark loop- why not, a little bit of rollers would be good for me.  All in all I was feeling pretty good until I got onto 93 which is a 1.4 mile downhill with no bike lane/shoulder.  All of a sudden I was in a massive crosswind as I headed towards the mesa. I look down and barely catch a glimpse of my speed- 38mph- and then wooompph.. crosswind gust blowing me towards the centerline.  Internally I think- stay steady with your bike, weight proportionate over bike and keep nice and tucked in as aero as I can.  This section of road is always a little nerve racking as it is curvy and there is no shoulder with cars going past at 55+mph but then the gusting winds added in another factor.
What felt like an hour but was really only a few minutes, I was at the light of 93 and Marshall. That was a nice exhilarating few minutes to wake my body up after spending the past 2 on the couch, but then I turned right onto Marshall.  That is when I noticed how intense the winds were  as I made my way onto Cherryvale into the crosswind.  As a recent transplant from Florida- I have always been taught that the winds are my hills- they will make me stronger, they will make me tougher, they will improve my handling. I kept telling myself that all the way across to South Boulder Rd.
And then I turned right..
The next question in my head was- if the winds are my hills what happens when I have hills with a 22+mph headwind. Is this double hill training? Do wind+hills=mountains? I am not sure but as I proceeded to make my way up South Boulder, I looked down and saw 8mph and then 210watts. Thanks powermeter for that reassuring feeling that I am going nowhere with a lot of effort.
This Florida girl isn’t sure what to think of if there are hills and wind, what do they equal? During these winter months(where I prefer not to climb up to where there might be ice) I might just convince myself that they equal Mt. Evans.