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Colorado Daily: Naked Women’s Racing Named Club of the Year

Naked Women’s Racing says they’re bringing more women to the sport

By Sarah Kuta

Posted:   01/03/2013 05:02:59 PM MST

Rachel Scott and her two Naked Women’s Racing co-founders were tired of women’s cycling’s reputation. The sport is male-dominated, and when it <comes> to female cyclists, it’s known for catty, aggressive women who don’t get along, Scott said. That makes other women hesitant to join a team or start racing.

So, Scott and two cycling friends, Vera Divenyi and Joan Orgeldinger, created their own all-women’s team based in Boulder <correction Denver> to address that stereotype.  Finish reading here:

Side note: We started the team as a Denver-based team; however, we’ve expanded to the entire state of Colorado. We still state Denver-based, but have women all over the state representing Naked Women’s Racing. Also, the quotes expressed in this article are misinterpreted and out of context. For example, many of the quotes are perceptions of women’s cycling and there are many factors that influence this perception. In addition to the quotes, the two misspellings are beyond our control and passed through the editorial process.