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Cranksgiving Naked Style

“Cranksgiving is a charity bike ride that began in 1999, organized by New York City bike messengers. Food is collected at grocery store checkpoints and then after being collected at the end of the race, will be donated to a local food bank. All kinds of cyclists are welcome! There is no set course, and you can ride at your own pace. Cranksgiving – Boulder is an effort by Boulder Cycle Sport to give back to those in need during the holidays. Furthermore, this event is to bring community awareness to support locally and independently owned business.”

11 Naked members/friends/kids participated as a team in the 2012 Cranksgiving in Boulder on Sunday.  The event might appear to be a family friendly ride collecting can goods for a local food bank but was actually something a bit more hard core.  It is more like a UFC cage match + roller derby + super market sweep + bumper cars.  Yeah, like I said… hard core.

It would be impossible to give a play by play of this massacre, I mean madness, woops woops how about blood bath but here are a few tidbits from Team Naked…

“I don’t know what happened.. they said go and it was mass chaos..turkeys and burleys and bikes everywhere..I was scared”

“Oh my god she just flipped her baby burly trailer over when she hopped that curb”

“Man down man down…I tried to go in the sliding exit door but my arm, my poor arm didn’t make it”

“Where is $^#*@&% neutral wheel support..this tube change is killing our time”

“Don’t worry if the tuna isn’t dolphin free just grab it and go”

“Crits have nothing on Cranksgiving”

“Run through the store Tami don’t walk, get your head in the game”

“ooooo free samples!”

“I’m in my red zone.. seriously zone 5+ guys”

“I just got out sprinted by a 9 year old with a turkey on his bike”

“Did someone say free beer at the end?!?!”

Riding bikes on a gorgeous fall day with friends to help the less fortunate was one of my highlights of this cycling/racing/socializing year.  We had everything from mechanicals to injuries but more than anything we had laughs.  We didn’t win but who was racing right (umm just so you know you can take the racers out of the race but you cant take the race out of the racers).   Overall the day was a ton o’ fun with some pretty amazing women remembering the reason for season…free beer!