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Club Team: The First Step is the Hardest

Eva is our first contributor to the Naked Women’s Racing blog from the club team! We think her cycling skills are right up there with her math skills-simply superb! Cycling is very intimidating, but the hardest part is just taking the first step. The community will embrace you and be with you on your journey every step of the way.

A couple months ago a random blurb on a local cycling news site caught my eye:  a women’s racing team was looking to fill their club team.  As I found out more information about the responsibilities and mainly perks of being on the club team, I realized this was just what I needed in my life and didn’t even know it.  (On a club team you are part of the group but you do not have to participate in any races.  It’s a good way for newbies to get into the sport.)  I fell in love with cycling a few years ago and was now ready to get better at it.  I promptly filled out the application form and mailed the check for the club dues.  Then I started to worry… Crap.  What did I just get myself into?  My only competitive background comes from being a high school mathlete.  I’m going to be the slowest person in the group and even slower on descents.  I’m going to humiliate myself!

Soon our first group ride date approached .  As I rolled up to our designated spot, I was so nervous  I almost hyperventilated.  But that came later, when we did an “easy flat” ride through Golden.   On our next ride I actually had tears streaming out of my eyes on a teeny little climb.  I was thinking to myself “Is all this humble pie gonna make me fat?”  However, as I started to chat with the girls riding alongside me, I realized I was not alone.  Many of the new girls on the team felt the same way as I did-intimidated and excited.  We were all there to get better, learn from the more experienced riders and motivate each other.

Support from all the women on the team has been phenomenal.  Everyone has been very generous with moral support, tips and techniques, patient with teaching us pacelining, and pulling me back to the group when I get dropped.  We also get to participate in clinics to learn about bike skills, maintenance, training/nutrition and such.

I am so excited that I might even have to sign up for some races next season.  But more than anything, I’m grateful to be out riding with a bunch of badass and inspiring women.