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The place to be (dot)(dot)(dot)

Have you ever wanted to check out a cross race? Do you like to support your team or other cyclists? Do you like to have fun? Perhaps you want to work off extra Thanksgiving calories by cheering, racing or both. Or do you want to escape the family for a few hours? If the answer is yes to any (or all) of the above, I have the answer for you.

On Saturday 11/24, there will be a cross race in Parker. This is a not-to-be-missed event. Worried about being cold? We will have some type of heat source. Worried about not being drunk at 8AM? We will have lots of adult (and non-adult) beverages. Let’s just say sparkling Naked juice is one of five drink specials. Worried you won’t be heard? We will have a plethora of cowbells.

SW 4 start at 9AM and SW Open and 35+ at 11:20.

Location: Big Ring Cycles CX Race

Salisbury Equestrian Center

9500 N. Motsenbocker Rd



Once you get there, look for the brigh

t green Naked Tent, next to Salvagetti/Happy Coffee. Oh and this Turkey may make an appearance. Just saying…