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Top 10 Reasons To Race Cyclocross

Top 10 Reasons To Race Cyclocross (By the way, you also get the opportunity to ride with the Amandas)

10. Skinsuits. Who doesn’t like a one-piece spandex outfit?

9. Gives you a reason to ride in the fall/winter. On days that you wouldn’t even consider training, you are racing.

8. Improves bike handling skills. Riding off road teaches all new skills that will help in every cycling endeavor.

7. Crashes that don’t land you in the hospital. Going over the handlebars in sand may hurt the ego and cause some scratches but typically no broken bones. Also see number #6

6. Great pictures. Whether you are crashing, walking or running with your bike, riding in mud, etc, all the pictures look amazing.

5. Other racers are competitive but not too serious. This is a great way to begin cycling.

4. Riding in the elements are fun. Any given weekend, there will be dirt, mud, snow, ice or sand to battle with while racing other riders.

3. Beer. Post (pre) drinking, beer is typically the liquid of choice but on really cold days expect some hot toddies and whiskey to keep you warm.

2. Spectators. Where do I begin? Handups (water, beer, hotdogs, bacon, whiskey, etc), cheering that keeps you going when your heart rate is at it’s peak, cowbells and the best fans of any sport.

1. Last but certainly not least. Knowing that you are a total bada**. Every weekend there are more cuts, bruises, going over handlebars, sliding out, dropped chains, flat tires, mechanical errors that are beyond explanation, torn skinsuits and then Monday morning co-workers think you are crazy until they see the pictures and are reminded that you are a bada**.

This my friends is what cross is all about.

Has this convinced you to race? If so, Queens of Cross on 9/23 and Primalpalooza on 9/29 both have First Timer categories. Go out there and get muddy.