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Master Track Nationals: The 500

Our tracksters compete in Day 2 of Master Nats. We had two podium finishes in the 500m TT. Here’s Vera’s take.

Day 2 of master’s nationals.  Today is my official first day, but Ingrid already raced yesterday!  We rode the 500m today. This is a 500m time trial which is about 1.5 times around the track. Some people do it in aero bars and others in regular bars. It depends on comfort level in the bars. This isn’t my best event and last year I was 6th at masters nationals. I had spent some time this season working on my starts (“Explosive!” “Go!” “Scrape that Shit off your Shoe!!”) and each time I do the 500, my time has improved but I still was not hoping for much.

The race is run in heats with racers starting opposite sides of the track.  We won’t run into each other as we have a ways to go and the race is so short.

I went in the second heat and Ingrid in the fourth.  I race in my regular bars but all aero’d out and as Ingrid is so good at pursuit, she is happier in her pursuit bars. I had a personal best at 41.6. Ingrid killed it at just over 40 seconds. She got the silver and I ended up in 5th behind therese Johnson and Ann Donely. I’m happy and so is Ingrid.

The gold went to a woman from Texas. If you saw her legs you would understand why!

Oh and racing 40 seconds is hard!!! I warmed up for over 45 minutes and cooled down for 30 and my legs still hurt!!

Tomorrow, we race the points race.