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Master Track Nationals: Individual Pursuit

First day of Master Track Nationals and Ingrid already pulls a podium finish!

I competed in the 2 kilometer individual pursuit this am. For those not familiar, it is a timed event with one person on each side of the track (home straight and back straight). From a standing (you are held just like in a TT) start, you complete the race. Our average speed from standing was about 27mph, and with only one gear 🙂

This is one of my favorite events, but a win at nats (as a master and as a junior) has always alluded me. Many podiums, but no win. Sadly, today was no different as I was beat by Anne Doneley in our match up by about 0.2 seconds.

I did clock a PR though at 2:38.9.

Anne’s time was 2:38.7. Therese Johnson came in third at 2:42.8.

Now that that’s over, I can relax and have fun. Tomorrow is the 500 meter TT for Vera and I, and Renee I believe is racing an event as well. I’m loafing around the hotel room, and still coughing from the effort. It’s amazing how wrecked you can get from a 2 1/2 minute event!