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Niwot Winot!

Leave it to Champion Crit racer Sharon and Amanda C. (C stands for Comedienne) to recount their race in a play-by-play, hilarious conversational format. Sharon took the big V, Amanda took 4th, and Barb had her first top 10 finish!

Amanda: Sharon since you are not going to Vail will you race Niwot with me?

Sharon: Yes, but, I want you to stay on my wheel the whole race. If pulling needs done I will do it no going to the front. I will chase every breakaway so stay with me.

Amanda: Yeah sure ok me try to stay on your wheel?!  HA!

Sharon:  (eye roll) I will be at your house by 5:30am.

Amanda:  Great, I was wanting to get to the race 3 hours early.

Race Day

Sharon: Why did I let you talk me into doing this race? (As my nerves are taking over and I can’t swallow the bike food I just put in my mouth.)

Amanda:  Drink your Metamucil, take your “vitamins” (Xanax), and go to the bathroom 17 times and you will be fine.


Sharon: OMG here we go another fast pace race.

Amanda: Yeah and good people are here… damn!  Wait where did you go?

Sharon:  zoom zoom zoom catch me if you can

Amanda:  I thought staying in the pack was supposed to be easy.  This yo-yo business is too much work.

Sharon:  Where is Amanda?  Why isn’t she on my wheel?  Didn’t I tell her to stay on my wheel?  She is so getting yelled at when we get in the car.

Amanda:  I gotta go now and be very sneaky about this if I am ever going to get on Sharon’s wheel and avoid getting grounded.

– Amanda does a cheeky little move going in to a turn to squeeze her way right behind Sharon –

Sharon:  (motions for Amanda to stay right behind her with her most stern mom finger)  STAY RIGHT HERE

Amanda:  I am here buddy let’s go

5 Laps to go 

Attack # 1 = Sharon jumps on her wheel and reels her back in

Attack #2 = Sharon jumps on her wheel and makes her sorry she even tried

Attack #3 – Sharon laughs, flicks out her cigarette, and stops her before she even got started

Sharon:  Thank G-d she’s back on my wheel.  She is rockin’.  Still with me after all these break aways.  I know she can do this.

Amanda: I’m on your right.

Sharon: (Thinking to myself) If she doesn’t get back on my _____ wheel she’s going to get the Sharon lecture after this race.

Amanda:  I’m blocking.  You can stop yelling at me with your body language.

Sharon:  That’s my girl.  She knows how to race and race smart. I’m so proud of her.  She stopped the break away and tucked back in.

Amanda: Hey hey hey now girls we are all friends here but if you keep trying to come around me and mooch on to Sharon’s wheel I am going to have to get aggressive.  I have strict orders today.

3 Laps to go

– Another rider comes around Amanda and Sharon to try to get away but the Naked train just latched on and let her work –

Amanda:  I am still on buddy let’s go!

Sharon: The pace is really picking up.  Rio Grande thinks they have this race.  I’m staying glued on and not letting go with the “missile in training” right behind me.

Amanda:  These chicks are trying to kill me.  I want to fall off but I fear the wrath of Sharon.  Must keep pedaling.

Sharon: You can go as fast as you want I’m not leaving your wheel and the “missile in training” is not leaving my wheel.

Amanda: C-A-N N-O-T B-R-E-A-T-H

Sharon:  Everyone is starting to make their move and jump around.  2 corners to go.  I have nothing to lose and I want to stay safe.   I’m going to make my move now even though it is early. Hold on tight “missile in training” we are about to launch.  Away I went around first corner being chased and I continued around second corner all out to the finish.  Yeah!  Another Naked Win with my “missile in training”.

Amanda:   Holy smokes Sharon is taking these corners like a bat out of hell.  I trust her wheel more than I trust anything else.  Yikes I am in this.  Wait I wasn’t thinking I could really do this.  There goes Sharon the Naked Missile Madison smoking the Rio Grande rider.  Hold on that means I am taking this last corner in 3rd.  Ummmm what do I do now? Wait, where did that chick come from?  Where did that chick go?   There went that.  Dang I needed a little bit more road to catch her.  I will take it though.

Sharon:  Watch out CAT 4’s.  Amanda is beginning sprint training 101 tomorrow.  She had her breakthrough last week and it continued on this week.  She has learned how to stay off the front and be a WSW.  She knows how to work the group and what a blocker.  Everyone came up after the race and they commented on how well we worked together and they could tell I was working for Amanda today.  They said she wouldn’t give up my wheel for anything. This team mom couldn’t be prouder or happier. 🙂

Amanda:  The Naked Missile took it again today and pulled me right along with her whether I wanted to or not!  At one point the announcer said “looks like our strongest rider is still in the front pushing the pain” and I thought “dude you have no flippin’ idea how strong she is and how much pain is being pushed on… to me”!   The best feeling today was realizing that my friend Sharon was willing to work harder, encourage constantly, sacrifice herself, and cheer me on just to see me achieve my own goals.  She was totally selfless in her racing today and a rockstar on top of it.  Our communication and strategies today were so cool and effective and I know I never could have done any of it without her.  2 peas in 1 pod from beginning to end.  I would follow that wheel anywhere, even up Sunshine Canyon post race!  Oh yeah and blah blah blah!