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“Pain Cave Racing” at its best

I wanted to stay in Vail for the weekend since I accomplished my duties of beating up the Amandas on the Copper Triangle.  As usual I was told by the Amandas that I had to come home and do the Sonic Boom Crit and help the team out and get team points.  Guilt! Guilt!

Once again the Cat 4’s were stuck racing with age group.  Guess who once again was racing in age group, all the Pro 1-2’s (Therese Johnson, Heather Mierzejewski, Gabriela Ferrat, Andrea Koenig and a couple other ones).

In Laramie I made the mistake of picking out who was pro 1-2 and decided I didn’t need to hang with them since they weren’t in my division.  That was a big mistake because I feel I could have placed higher than 4th if I hung with them.  At this race I told myself I was going to hang with them as long as I could.

Start line.  Amanda C. had me get right next to her on the start.  I was going to go behind her and I’m glad I did not.  3-2-1 go.  Speed went from 0-100.  Heart went out of my chest.  I jumped on the train.  Oh my gosh where are my teammates?  Where are my other racing friends?  What am I doing?  It’s sink or swim!  The sharks are surrounding me!  Hang on, you don’t want to be in no mans land by yourself.  Yikes!  I just hung on to the big girls for dear life.  This was by far the hardest and fastest race I have ever done.  Anytime a gap came between the big girls and another girl I would have to sprint ahead and fill the gap. Then the slight uphill out of the turn they always picked it up more so I was out of the saddle sprinting to hang on.  I have bruises on my wrist to show for it.  I can’t tell you how happy I was when this race was over.

Where I found this inner power to race like this is beyond me.  I was Vo2 max the whole race. 100% in the pain cave.  The speeds were fast, over 30mph at some points.  I did it.  I can truly say even though I only got 3rd in my division I hung on with the big girls the whole race until the final sprint to the finish.  I finished this race feeling good about what I accomplished.

Great job to Barb, Megan and the Amandas who raced this race hard.  It was not an easy race but you all were out there giving it your best.  Just think of the great work out you got.  You all apologized to me because you couldn’t be there to help me.  No apologies needed.  You did an awesome job and just being next to me at the start and cheering for me during the race meant a lot to me.  It’s only because of you wonderful teammates that I am racing this year and having a great season.  You believe in me and your support at every race has been awesome.
Team Mom,