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Ride the Rockies with Team Mom

Sharing team mom Sharon‘s update from her Ride the Rockies adventure! She’s been on the road (and dirt) climbing 24,937 vertical ft. over the course of 6 days and 442 miles. 

Hi Girls,

What a long day.  Almost 6 hours in the saddle. I am so tired.  We had to ride so much dirt today it was awful. One 5 mile patch had deep sand the other one was a steep downhill with switch backs. I stayed upright unlike a lot of people. I coached my friend thru it who was scared to death. I told her on the deep sandy part that speed was her friend and to breathe. Joan and Susan I’m ready for that Mtn. bike lesson.

When we got into Leadville today 70% of the people were not in and we left late.  I guess so many people wanted to sag because they were worn out so they had to send a charter bus to go pick a lot of these people up. Keep in mind that this year it looks like the average age is 60. I have developed a reputation for being the Naked Girl who keeps passing everyone. I get stopped at the end of the day quite a bit with all types of comments. It’s actually very cute. I’m glad I can give these old guys a cheap thrill.

The awesome part of the day was when a Primal girl came up to me and asked me if I was Amanda Cyr. I said no but she’s my adorable teammate that I have taken under my wings. I asked her why and she said Amanda kept  beating her every week at the KHMTT and she wants to know who this girl is. I guess in other words Amanda you were a thorn in her side. Her name is Rainy and she’s very sweet.  I think you impressed her.

The next best part of my day was when a guy rode up to me and asked how my teammate was that crashed in the City Park Crit. I didn’t see what team he was from but he was working the corner that Kim crashed on.  I thought that was very sweet that he asked.

There you have it. Off to bed.  Tomorrow is another 100 miles with 20 miles down hill on Ute Pass on dirt. What were they thinking this year?

Good Night,


PS. No cycling fashion disasters today.  I did see goggle man. No sightings of Santa Claus.  We will see what tomorrow brings.


Here’s a quick recap of yesterday. Rode from Leadville to Granby. 94 miles. Rough roads again. Maybe it’s time to switch over to Mtn. Biking 100%. The back side of Fremont was milled. No fast speeds down that.

Climbed UTE pass which was awesome until we had to go over to the other side. All loose gravel. 20 miles. It was no fun. The positive is we all stayed upright and no accidents like several other people. What a wild ride.

The highlight of my day. Going up UTE Pass I decided to push it. This guy came next to me and complimented me  on my riding. He said you are hard to hang with but I do have many years on you. I smiled and said how old are you? He said 50. I said I have you beat I’m 51. Yeah!!

Have a great day. Off to Trail Ridge Road.