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The Best of KHMTT

Cover Photo from David Culbertson. We all love reading Amanda Cyr’s reports. We won’t bore you with our intro-get to reading about the KHMTT series from her perspective!

(to get the real feel for this please tune your radios to The Essential Barry Manilow channel)

It seems like just yesterday Amanda Bye told me about you!  “Time trials are so fun and 7 weeks of them is like 700% of fun fun fun so you should do them if you like fun” she said with a twinkle in her eye and a rainbow shooting out from behind her.  Registration was almost full so without reading any of the details about categories or start times or location or weather I just signed up.

After receiving my confirmation that you, Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial, had selected me to partake in your series I went to wikipedia to look up what a time trial was.  I learned so much to get ready for our spring together.  Aero helmet?  That looks weird.  Aero bars?  Looks uncomfortable.  Disc Wheels?  How much?!  Skin-suit?  You have got to be kidding me!  I decided I already had (read as cheap cheap cheap) what would power this racer.

That first race will always be embedded in my heart.  You were so gruff with your hail storm and tornado sirens… just trying to scare me off like you always do.  You sent the wind from every single direction and at speeds that would make cattle fly!  There was just something about you that had me hooked though and I was anxious to come back for more.

Week after week our relationship blossomed like a flower.  Remember the first time I rolled up to get clipped in and let some stranger grab my saddle?  How uncomfortable I was in those early days.   How about the time I tried to scare the deer away but instead made them jump out in front of Amanda Bye?  Or how about the time I told Berta there was no wind and the weather was perfect right before you tricked me and reenacted Twister while we were on the course?  What about the time when Amanda Bye and I rode home from the race and scoured the road for edible “food” since neither one of us had thought about bringing anything to eat.

Those early days were not all “Copacabana”, there were tougher times like when Anna’s mom made us all muffins and mine fell to the ground right after she left with the remaining muffins.  And how not a week went by without a comment on “the back to back Naked Amanda racers” from the men 40 years older than us.

But weeks went by and somewhere those Wednesday race mornings turned from anticipation and excitement to phantom aches and pains.  Was it already Wednesday again?  Couldn’t it be Monday?  Wasn’t I feeling too sick?  How could every single race make me on the verge of loosing my lunch as I crossed the finish line?  How had it come to this I asked myself?

Just when I thought I would pull the plug on our relationship Sharon challenged me to take 3rd place and I was too scared to fail because of her very threatening private email with all its harsh language.  You were so kind and patient that night.  Every crack in the road seemed several feet smaller.  The wind only seemed to be terrible 3/4ths of the time.  The deer and the cars were only minimal obstructions.  And just like a great teammate Anna had promised me an entire muffin (not half this time) if I did something special.  And just like that I was “Ready to Take a Chance Again With You” so I pedaled.  I pedaled through the weeks of our relationship.  Pedaled through the ups, and downs, and turns, and ups, and more ups, and then again at the finish line more ups.  I cried, my nose ran, my legs screamed, my intestines flipped, my heart exploded.

I earned my muffin that night.  Together we had pulled off the impossible, 1st place in the retro women category!  But KHMTT no podiums do you offer, not even a small one.  It is ok though because after our special night together I now know that what we had in the time 25:51 was the real deal.  I don’t need a podium picture to tell me what we meant to each other.  What we had that night will forever be implanted in my memories, in my heart, and on the Colorado Cycling website!

As we part our separate ways for the summer I want you to know I will think of you every time I hear a tornado siren or feel the urge in the bottom of my stomach to gag after a race or see an open Cheeto bag on the side of the road and consider it edible!

“Looks Like We Made It” KHMTT.  Stay cool.  Have a great summer!

Your friend,

Amanda Cyr