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In lieu of writing several separate blog postings, we figured we’d just share a team email from the busy weekend. Give you an insiders view of our team culture. 

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thank you for everything over the weekend and leading up to it. It was a very exhausting weekend I’m sure for all of you, and I apologize for all the emails leading up to this team weekend. Vera, Joan and I appreciate your patience and responsiveness. It helped make our team weekend a success. Now that it’s over, we can focus on racing a bit!

I wanted to recap what we accomplished this weekend and brag a bit about how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and AWESOME our team is.

With your help:

*we collected over 2500 books over a two month period and donated them via 30+ bicycles to two schools in need, got GREAT publicity for our sponsors and Ride for Reading, forged a new partnership with the Bike Depot to donate a book to every child who receives a bicycle, received $125 in donations for Ride for Reading (thanks Ingrid and anonymous volunteers!), and even have next year’s school and date tentatively picked out (Smith Elementary and Friday, May 10, 2012). AND I’m pretty sure we hosted the largest Ride for Reading delivery to date across the nation! See pics from our delivery HERE.

*we had an excellent showing at the Wheels of Thunder crit. Amanda Cyr led Sharon out to a third place podium spot, the 1/2 girls all worked hard and I was able to stay rested for the sprint to a 2nd place spot, Kat finished with the lead pack in the Cat 3 race, Renee got a third place podium spot in the 45+, and Berta raced TWICE (P1/2 and the 35+). We had representation in every women’s category out there except 55+ which we could not do anyway (but if we could I’m sure we would!). I believe our 1/2 team will now be in first place for the Rocky Mountain Road Cup after the weekend, which is one of our goals for the season. In addition to racing, Joan and Susan mentored the Cat 4’s in this race, along with veteran racer Anne Lannan. Thank you for your time to do this!

Great pictures from Click the image to see more from the SW1-2 Wheels of Thunder Crit.

*we hosted the first Heels on Wheels pub crawl despite the rain and had a blast! We brought nearly 35 people together. Actually, Megan is responsible for bringing half of those folks:) It was a great time and we’ll receive proceeds to our team from that event as well. I’m all for another one this summer when it’s guaranteed to be sunny and at least 70.

Click the photo to view all our great shots from Peter Adamkovics.

*unfortunately, the Boulder Canyon shoot for the Buffalo Bicycle Classic was canceled last minute, but thank you to those who were still trying to participate. If anything changes with this, I’ll let you know. We are working on back up dates with the videographer.

Compete against the Naked Women's Race Team up Boulder Canyon!

*thank you for making pictures painless, especially on Mother’s Day. They are great, and I’m still shocked we got everyone on their way in an hour. You’ll be happy with them; we look fabulous. There’s a teaser on Facebook, and we’ll have them up on our team site soon. Thank you Peter!! We had everyone together with the exception of Marisa, whom you will meet next weekend at the Superior Morgul. We’re excited to race with her if we can keep up!

More pictures coming very soon! Thank you Peter!

You ladies rock and I want you to know it. I’m very thankful to have you as teammates. You are all great representatives to the sport of women’s cycling. Thank you.

Rachel Scott