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Ridgeline Rampage-Mountain Bike Race Report

Race report from Susan Adamkovics on the first mountain bike race of her season.

Ridgeline Rampage...First mountain bike race of the season…check box. I knew it was going to be a hot day, so I made sure to fuel up with some Naked coconut water on the way to the race.  I was pretty sure I was going to die, joking of course, but I am not in nearly the kind of shape I’ve been in the last few years at this early in the season. None the less, I signed up for the 30 miler.  My teammate Joan and I were suffering from pre-race jitters at the start… 3-2-1 go and we’re off. We both got a great start with Joan winning the holeshot. Joan led for most of the first lap; she is a little mountain goat and quite honestly an amazing mountain bike racer.  The course was dry and slick with technical turns.  It was tricky, because you had to lean the body not the bike. I did it wrong one too many times, but fortunately I was able to save myself from complete disaster. There were a lot of riders on the course at the same time, so I often found myself getting stuck behind them. I was making risky moves to pass so I didn’t lose too much time, but that is a part of racing. “Head-up” was the mantra playing over and over in my head, this was important because I was not familiar with the course and it was fast with a lot of turns.

During the first lap, I felt as if my rear tire was a bit low and I started to worry about what to do; should I stop and put some air in, or keep riding. I chose to keep riding, and thought about the advice my husband Peter always says to me, “just focus on riding the bike, don’t worry about the other stuff.” Which if you know me, can be a laundry list of items. I posted a solid time on the first lap, 51 minutes. I started to fade midway through the second lap, and from that point on it was a back and forth with my effort. During the final lap I could see a female rider coming up behind me. This gave me the extra motivation to keep pushing during the final couple of miles. I ended up 3rd in my age group and 4th overall, while Joan took the win in her age group and got 2nd overall.

Pictures coming soon from Mountain Moon Photography!