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You gotta start somewhere right?

Race report from Amanda Cyr-one of Naked Women’s Racing p/b TriBella’s newest addition. Amanda selected a HARD crit as her first race, not only of the year, but ever! And the best part is that she had fun! Megan and Renee also competed in the Women’s Collegiate B and Senior Women 1/2 races respectively. Megan earned herself some upgrade points too with her finish! Go team, and way to represent in the first crit of the CO racing season.

Warning: Drinking an entire pot of coffee while watching a stage of Paris – Nice could make you sign up for a race before you know what you have done.  I had no intention of racing the CU Stazio Crit when I read the course description, nope not one single thought of it.  Then, I got all juiced on coffee beans and Jens Voigt ripping the legs off of another rider on tv.  10 minutes later I pushed the confirmation button and was now racing in 4 days.

The following days my awesome teammates sent tips, tactics, and encouragement that kept me feeling pretty positive.  I was just so ready to get my maiden voyage going though that reality hadn’t set in.  Weather?  Course? Time?  Nutrition? Legs?  Nope didn’t even think about this stuff.

5 a.m. came really early since the time change was the night before and I spent it  tossing and turning and having dreams/nightmares of being an amazing sprinter but with no wheels… yeah I don’t know what that means either.  Reading up on the race I heard there would be a hill and it could cause problems.  Since I hadn’t pre-ridden the course I used my warmup to do so once I stabbed myself an adequate amount of times trying to pin my race number on while wearing my jersey.  On my preview ride that hill I read about seemed more like a bump and nothing to worry about.  I thought “geez what is the big deal… that thing isn’t so bad I bet I could manage to hang with the group and heck maybe if I change into my big girl pants I might do pretty well”.  Aren’t I cute?!

You can probably already see where this is going.  First lap: yeah holla boom boom pow I got this!  Second lap: hmm well that was different but yeah ok.  Third lap: umm mayday i’m losing them.  Fourth lap: where did they go?  Fifth/Sixth/Seventh/etc lap: so far away.

I did finish though.  It wasn’t pretty.  But, I finished my first cycling race.  I had a blast and am still laughing over the hill/bump that smoked me and how I never saw that coming.  I cannot wait to get better and do it again!