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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Megan, Ingrid and Rachel braved the hurricane-esque winds–literally 50 mph gusts that blew people from their bikes–just south of Cheyenne, Wind-oming. What was the occasion you ask? The first race of the season, the Frostbite Time Trial! At least it didn’t snow…. read on for Megan’s tale of survival from the March 3rd race.

It was called the Frostbite Time Trial. It might as well have been called the Windburn Time Trial, with the gale force winds we persevered through.

In the race last Saturday, it was more about the will to survive, to keep pedaling, and to stay upright (not everybody did!). We could see the Colorado mountains to the West as we were racing the 11.4 mile TT course just north of Fort Collins, but I certainly felt like we were blowing straight to Kansas.

Leading up to the race, I spent a week practicing in my aerobars, getting used to the position and the intensity required for a 30-minute all out effort! However when I arrived at the race and learned that elite junior cyclist Dean Haas had been blown off the road and quit, I was starting to get nervous. My original goal was top 5 (about 20 entrants in SW4) but once I started it was just – keep pedaling!

I was inspired seeing my teammates Rachel and Ingrid out there ahead of me, looking as strong as ever. On the way out my heart rate was lower than it should be, and I was very jittery as each and every truck that went by on the interstate blew me towards the center line of the road. However I kept thinking to myself: “You can do this. You are strong!” And I had random memories of doing squats this fall, and racing at Hugo in just as strong winds (albeit in a pace line). For once I wished I hadn’t lost those 12 pounds from last winter…as I think there was a small advantage being heavier in this race.

Once we finished, it was a giant sigh of relief, and no regrets. I finished 6th in my division which wasn’t bad considering I didn’t use my aerobars at all…too nervous about blowing over.

A huge congrats to Rachel and Ingrid for dominating the SW2 category. I am proud to be racing for Naked p/b TriBella and can’t wait to redeem myself at some upcoming races 🙂