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Stronger in 2012!

Happy to have Megan‘s energy on the Naked Women’s Racing p/b Tribella team this year! Why is 2012 going to be different for her? Read to find out why.

I am a Cat 4 bike racer. And have been for 2 years. But this year is going to be different. Why?

1) I am going to upgrade to Category 3. And tell everybody so. Because part of the hard part of reaching the goal is admitting to others what the goal is, because then there is accountability, and fear of failure! But that’s where dreams become success, I have learned from my college friend, former high school non-jock and now Olympic Trials marathon runner Brooke Wells. She made a goal to be top 20 in the Olympic Trials marathon (scary!) and she followed through. Now that’s awesome.

2) Power to Weight Ratio! If you ask any pro-level bike racer how they keep up in the Tour de France, or other grueling bike race, they will tell you – Power to Weight Ratio! Now this terminology was foreign to me a year ago, but now it makes sense. Up your wattage, decrease your weight (kg), and you will succeed (even more important in climbing). What have I done in 2012? So far I am 10 pounds lighter than January 2011 and my Functional Threshold Power is 30 Watts Higher than it was in January 2011. To be clear, I’m no “Pro”, but I am now at the level that is typical for a Cat 3 woman, meaning (hopefully) I will start the Spring road season with Total Domination 🙂

3) Put me in Coach! This year I started serious, with a training plan starting in January. Last year I decided to get a coach mid-way through the season (read: May), and that was WAY too late to catapult me to greatness. So this year, I started early. The Pros start training in December but January is not bad either. I am starting out with 4 days a week on the bike and will work my way up to 6 by summer. I am already seeing measurable benefits to having specific workouts, and training, racing, and nutrition advice. Thanks Adam Fivehouse!!

4) Cross Training Helps too.  This off-season I took a little more seriously. Usually I lounge around, downhill ski, drink beer, do some yoga. This year I got back into running (I ran competitively in high school and college) and encouraged my boyfriend to run his first 5K with me 🙂 The running went well, kept me lean and strong, and I even earned a 1st place AG medal for my efforts. I also consistently did yoga twice a week (flexibility, strength, injury prevention, peace of mind!), and a cross-training class called “Extreme Fitness” once a week (I can see my abs for the first time in 5+ years). I also got cross country skis and have been using that for some of the “endurance” training – it’s fun, scenic, and a serious calorie burn!

5) Join an Awesome Team! I joined the Naked-TriBella team and was so lucky to do so when I did, because it filled up fast! The TriBella girls are all strong, fun, motivating, and spirited. I am constantly impressed with their performance, and they are very encouraging of us with more “room for improvement” 🙂 I enjoy our weekly rides from the shop very much as well as our computrainer nights at Peak to Peak. Thank you TriBella for kicking my butt. The shop and sponsors are pretty dang awesome too.

So keeping positive, motivated, strong and injury-free are at the top of my list for 2012. But I wanted to put my goal out there so you can all hold me accountable! And when I get stressed with school and work and life, riding my bike makes me happy. Here’s to a strong and successful 2012!