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Tommy D’s Thanksgiving Day Ride

TriBella Race Team’s junior Anna Suter, joined World-class Cyclist Tom Danielson on Thanksgiving morning for a ride for Junior cyclists. Tom, professional cyclist with Garmin-Cervelo and top American at the 2011 Tour de France, hosted junior cyclists at his house for a morning ride followed by some Thanksgiving goodies. Anna almost didn’t get a chance to make it because registration closed, but she sent him an email and he personally got back to her to tell her to come along and help! Here’s her take…

On Thanksgiving morning I rode with Tom Danielson, along with 150 other Juniors. When I got there I found out that I was helping. I was fine with this. I mean who wouldn’t want to help out Tommy D and younger riders!? Our job was to ferry the little kids from the back of the pack up to ride with Tommy. There was a beginner, intermediate and advanced course for the riders. When we started, we had the beginners ride with Tommy D first, then behind them was my friend Lauryn and me, and then the intermediate riders were behind us. The beginners only went 2 miles out then turned around to go back to Tommy’s house. After they turned back, we had the intermediate kids go up and ride with Tommy one by one. At first it was like herding cats: the kids were all over the road but thankfully we were on dirt roads and there weren’t many cars out. All of the kids knew they couldn’t pass Lauryn or me unless it was their turn.

We had a good system going; I would fall back and see which kids hadn’t gotten a picture with Tommy D and then I would have the kids that hadn’t gotten a picture get behind me and follow me up to where Lauryn was riding. Then we got our picture with him and we found out the Tommy D likes to talk about the weather and how nice it was (and it really was there wasn’t any wind and it was sunny and somewhat warm). When it was time for the intermediate kids to go back to the house Lauryn and I went with them because they needed help getting all the kids back safely. When we were riding back I met this little girl named Ruby, she started talking about how cool it was that she got to ride with Tommy D and that she was thinking about racing bikes. All-in-all, I had a great time I got to help out with kids while riding my bike, talked to a pro cyclist and I got to hang out with one of my best cycling friends! Next year I’m planning on doing it again and I would recommend any junior to do it, too!

Thanks to American Cycling Association for hosting this ride. And of course, thanks to Tom Danielson, Clint Bickmore (ACA) and Deirdre Moynihan (DBC Events) for organizing it all!