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Fred or Pro Test and Jens Voigt Army

Somehow, I was lucky enough to run across this website and have not been able to stop laughing. I was googling Euro Mullets and Cyclists(because I think they are sexy and PRO) and this gem showed up. Had to share. Thanks

Another amazing time suck–the incredible brainchild of Team JVA,  Jens Voigt Army. They get it done and in a pro-like manner. I can completely appreciate the time, thought and comedy put into this site. You can spend HOURS on the Lance Armstrong Legal Defense Soundbot 6000 and since I’ve last visited, they now have added a Jens Voigt Soundboard. Already losing interest in this post as a result. “Shut up body. You do what I tell you!” Thanks, I’m going to go play now and increase their page view analytics. ~Rachel