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2012 Roster is Finalized

Though the 2011 road racing season isn’t quite done, TriBella Race Team has been very busy planning for 2012. We’ve had an overwhelming response from seasoned racers and women who are new to the sport contact us about joining. First, thank you to all who requested to join our team. Last year, we never would have imagined being in this position, struggling to get 6 other women who believed in the team. Despite our small numbers last year, we worked hard for our sponsors, led Colorado’s first successful Ride for Reading delivery, and even placed in the top 10 for the Cat1/2 and Cat 4 BAT(Best All-around Team) and top 5 in the Cat 3 BAT, not to mention a National Championship title(s) holder in our midst. Yes, we rocked it last year and we are proud of our accomplishments!

We anticipate the same for our second year as a team, more than doubling our size with 16 total women including a junior who subscribe to the same founding values implemented by the O.G. TriBella Race Team members. We are very sorry that our roster is now full for the 2012 season. We had no idea we would have this type of “problem” having to turn away potential stellar teammates, especially considering last year’s “problem” was the exact opposite.

If you still have an interest in joining TriBella Race Team, please email us a race resume and letter of intent and we will certainly keep you in mind should a replacement be necessary or for the 2013 road season. We apologize that we cannot accept everyone. With more than double the team size from last year, we want to make sure we can continue to accomplish TriBella Race Team’s mission and portray the values we’ve worked hard to instill in the team all the while shaping our reputation. And to clarify, ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME TO RIDE WITH US! Just because our race team roster is full does not mean that you cannot join us on our weekly group rides that leave from TriBella Women’s Multisport. And if you would like to join the triathlon club team through the shop, give them a shout to find out more details!

As for our solid group of strong women for 2012, be on the lookout for our roster bio’s after Steamboat Springs Stage Race!

Rachel Scott