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A little place called Asssssspen……

Race Report from Rachel Scott

Rocky Mountain Omnium


SW1-/2- TT: 4th, Crit: 6th, RR: 10, Omnium: 6th

Ok, so not quite Aspen, but wanted an excuse to resurrect this clip. And by no means is this meant to offend the French so please disregard. But I digress….the Rocky Mountain Omnium is the purpose of this post. Two TriBellas, two Primal/Treads and one Buck traveled within minutes to Assssspen–Carbondale and Glenwood Springs–for the Rocky Mountain Omnium.

This was my first race as a Cat 2 and honestly, this post is coming so late in the game that I don’t quite recall most of the details. I didn’t feel any differently as a 2 from a 3 and performed perhaps with a slight bit more confidence. Or that could be from the contact buzz from the medical marijuana place giving away free weed right below our condo. Either way, it was a memorable trip and one race that I’d love to do again.  Here’s my VERY BRIEF recap because I need to wake up at 5 am to get a ride in!

Friday-Drove down with Susan and CB with 6 bikes, 3 trainers, 6 bags, 2 pillows, 4 extra sets of wheels, 1 cooler, and 3 bags of food. Surprisingly, we had plenty of space. Met up with Heather and Buck at the condo, and had only minor difficulties getting in (the gentleman we rented it from was a wee bit lackadaisical). Perused the TT course, registered, and then came back to lug our equipment inside. The place was amazing-right on the crit course, huge kitchen and nice deck that all our bikes and trainers fit comfortably on. Suited up for the TT and subsequently froze our butts off in the rain. Despite the conditions, we all did well. I nabbed a 4th place spot in the 1/2s as did CB in the 3’s. To celebrate, we hit up the liquor store around the corner and grabbed some wine and belgian beer.

Saturday-Never before had I been such a cyclist. I did not get on my feet until I had to get on the trainer for the crit that afternoon. Read, ate, read, slept, ate and relaxed. Chris and Bart from Sonicboom joined us and held down the fort while the ladies raced. The crit wasn’t as fast as I thought it would be or perhaps I’m feeling stronger. Narrowly missed a crash right next to me with 7 laps to go and had to attempt to chase down the 3 up front with help from Cat Johnson. Once we bridged the gap, I tried to move up in the last 2 laps. I was in good position until a massive 50 mph gust nearly took the entire field out. I was almost pinched into the curb and had to sprint practically from the last 2 corners to the line. Took 6th in the 1-3’s. Again, I could have done better but hey, I kept rubber to the road. It’s the little victories. The best part of the evening perhaps was watching Chris and Bart get stuck in the massive gravel pit in a Honda Civic, and getting pulled out by a high tow truck driver who didn’t charge them a dime. If only Chris had eaten a Powerbar, he may have been able to lift it out of the pit.

Sunday-I am officially not a climber. Looks like I’ll be doing some hill repeats up Lookout for the next few months. Beautiful, rolling course with much of it on dirt. Uneventful for the first 30 miles and seemed to go rather quickly. Once we hit dirt, Sarah of ProDesign flatted and her teammate Therese dropped back to give her a wheel. Class act move and the highlight of my race. We soon hit the climb, which I soon began moving backwards. Not quite with the lead group and caught in between racers trailing OTB. Had I pushed just a little bit harder, the climb would have ended much sooner than I had realized and could have been with the lead group. But because I didn’t turn myself completely inside out, I had to work extra hard in a much smaller chase group of 5. We pacelined until the lead group was less than a minute away. We all worked hard together and I enjoyed working with all the girls. Took 10th. Meh. It was enough to get me a 6th place in the omnium. Not in the money unfortunately since the race promoter cut the prizes down to top 3. Oh well-it was the first road race I’ve done here with a hill and something to look at other than fields and wind.

Took a two week hiatus from racing as I’ve raced every weekend since March. Did a lot of mountain biking in Breckenridge, went hiking, and even did some running without my legs traveling in circles. But we’ll see you out there for the BRC and North Boulder Crits this weekend, yo! My apologies for the lackluster writing-hopefully it reads more smoothly than my thoughts are organized right now. Bed time…