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Sonic Boom Criterium SW1-3 Race Report

Race Report from Joan Orgeldinger

Sonic Boom Criterium


SW 1/2/3- 17th place

After a full day of gardening, play dates and other errands, I carpooled to Louisville with my neighbor Berta who races on the Rocky Mounts~Izze team. We arrived with plenty of time to register and find a nice shady spot for our warm up prior to our 5:40pm race start. The registration sheet for the Cat 1-2-3 women was full !

We lined up at 5:35, I proceeded to get really nervous about the somewhat sketchy pavement, fast corners and not to mention – the stacked field!

Five minutes into the race I was sure that I had read the title wrong and it was actually the Sonic “BOMB” race. I exploded and was off the back from the get go. I wasn’t alone, I had 3 women from Pro Design with me and we worked our hearts out trying to get back into the race. However, the front of the field was moving so fast that our goal had now shifted from getting back into the main field to avoiding the imminent threat of being lapped.

Sure enough at some point, we were lapped. The lead moto came by and warned us to stay to the side. It would seem easy to try and jump back in after they came by, but because we slow to a low speed and they pass us at full speed, it was impossible. I decided to chase just to see if I could get close. After making sure I didn’t take anyone with me, I did my best to attempt to bridge up to my teammate Rachel who was still in the front group to see if there was anything I could do to help her. After 15-20 minutes of my solo effort (during which time I got to within 10 feet of her rear wheel on 3 occasions), I had to give up. I sat up and was quickly swallowed up by a group of 8-12 women.


Two of the girls in my group started to attack at the bottom of the little climb and I went as hard as I could, but they both beat me to the line. I ended up in 17th place with my teammate Vera in 18th right behind me. Rachel had a fantastic ride with an 11th place finish! Great job to all the women who raced today – it was a fast, fun course with a field of over 30 starters!!!