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Pink and Black Strikes Back(and gets wet, again)

Race Report from Vera Divenyi

Cherry Creek TT


SW 1/2 0:24:51

Well, I am officially not a time trial-er but these days, I have been giving it a go.  I signed up for the Cherry Creek Time Trial series with the urging of my awesome team mates and I have been really enjoying it!  Yesterday was the second week. I start by meeting Rachel at TriBella since she’s just a minute before me at the start. I did not bother to look at the calendar or think about the fact that it was April 20th (4/20) when I left work five minutes late and then came to a halt on Broadway before going 100 feet. Everyone driving past Civic Center was slowing from the 4/20 celebrations and the end of the Rocky’s game. I got to TriBella stressed and late.


James came running out to grab the TT bike and throw on better wheels while Rachel tried to help me get dressed. I had already succeeded in dressing myself while driving and giving the bus driver a bit of a show. Now the issue was my skin suit which really doesn’t like to stay closed. Rachel and I ended up leaving a little later than the prior week which meant we would have almost no time before our start times. In addition, it was very windy on our ride which further slowed us!

We got to Cherry Creek State Park with about 5 minutes to spare. After quickly trying to deal with my skin suit, I opted to pin it around my belly button. We rolled to the start and Rachel went off 40 seconds later, I was a minute behind her. Last week, I misinterpreted the course and started in my little ring. This week, like a proper trackster, I started in a huge gear and got going much quicker. My goal was to try to make the guy who was my 20 second person work harder at passing me and that worked. I passed my 20 second and 40 second people by the first turn around. Last week, I got passed right after the turn around, this week, it was almost to the hill where he got me.  Then we both got passed by the guy behind him who was flying! Somewhere on the course in the first few minutes, my skin suit split open below the pins. i was so thankful for my undershirt and the wherewith all to pin that sucker closed! Now just a little of my belly was sticking out!

I made it to the downhill feeling great, but when I put it in a bigger gear for the downhill, my legs turned to jell-o. I started to talk to myself and swear at myself. “GO, GO, GO!!!!  F#$K!!!!!” I screamed to myself. I got it up to 32mph and then slowed a lot getting to the final turn around.  My legs did not like the transition from down to back up to down.  I found myself struggling up the hill to the finish and really grunting loudly. I told myself that I just had 30 more seconds and I could suffer for just thirty more seconds as I drooled on myself.  Hey, I may be wearing pink and all, but I am not all that dainty when I ride!

I got to the finish in tact and relieved that it really did not start raining on us, again.  Rachel and I made a b-line back to the parking lot to get our backpacks and started riding back to TriBella. The rain came (again!) and we were soaked when we got back to TriBella. We have earned ourselves some serious “hard woman” points over the past two weeks. Every time I hand the TT bike back to James, it’s soaking wet!  I think that we really deserve some nicer weather next week.

The reward for my effort and rain-soaked spin home was mac & cheese at Steuben’s with my boyfriend. Oh, and I cannot forget the recovery chocolate milk shake!