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Cherry River & Windstack TT’s

Race Report from Rachel Scott

Cherry Creek TT & Haystack TT

4/13/11 and 4/16/11

SW 3-2nd place and SW 3-2nd place

I’m not particularly fond of time trials though I will have done more TT’s in Colorado this month than in all my time in Tennessee. Starting Wednesday with the Cherry Creek Time Trial series, Vera and I spiked our heart rates immediately on the warm up down after a minor skinsuit malfunction. Crisis averted, rolled up to the start about 60 seconds prior to my start and was off. Not much to report from the 9.5 mile course itself rather the hour ride back in the cold, pouring rain was much harder in my opinion. We put in some good times, as did Retro Women category teammate Sharon and Cat 4 teammate Jenny. Tomorrow, I’m not going to leave anything in the tank to get home. Hopefully that will help shave off about 30 seconds on my time. We shall see.

Stats: 22.6 mph average
Time: 25:14:90
Distance: 9.5 miles
Place: 2nd
Starters: 5
Finishers: 5
Winnings: Nada
Points: 2 Hardwoman points for forgoing the car ride and biking home in the freezing rain(no BAR or upgrade though)

Haystack TT was another story. Though the windy conditions were more difficult I felt much stronger and more mentally and physically prepared. So I decided to take off my bike computer. Too much was left in the tank at Cherry Creek so my strategy was to go all out and blow up if necessary. Pacing schmacing.

Sharon and Liz, TriBella triathlon team member, raced the SW4 category and I the SW3 category. This was a BAR/BAT points opportunity race so several teams were out in full force that day. After setting up our snazzy warm up area, Sharon and Liz went to battle the intense cross winds during their warm up while I opted for the trainer. Good decision because had I warmed up on the road, I would have chickened out and swapped out the disk for the Flashpoints.

When waiting for the countdown, the wind was already pounding from the left. The gusts made it incredibly difficult to stay in an aero position or upright for that matter–I was riding pretty much in a 45 degree angle with one hand on the bull horns for balance. That quickly changed after turning onto Nelson road where I bottomed out in my 53×11 with the best tailwind I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately, this route was a square so I was going to enjoy it as much as possible before cussing the ensuing headwind.

It hurt, but TT’s aren’t supposed to feel like Sunday brunch(unless you’re doing the New York Time’s crossword puzzle, that hurts me a little bit). Every time it felt like I could breathe, I pushed that much harder. Once I crossed the finish line drooling, hacking and cross-eyed, I knew my effort was more on par for what a TT should feel like.

Turns out, it was enough to get 2nd place in SW3 and if I were in the 1/2’s, 8th place. I’m still shocked though that 1st place was won by over a minute! Maybe I didn’t push hard enough? Either way, TriBella rocked it with Liz taking 1st in the SW4 women and Sharon strong as well considering she was riding retro-style amongst her aero-clad competitors.

Stats: 23.7 mph average
Time: 40:30(Cari Higgins was there and posted a 38:53)
Distance: 16 miles
Place: 2nd
Starters: 9
Finishers: 9
Winnings: A cool bag and 2 sets of matches(not kidding, but they are decorative matches)
Points: BAR but no upgrade(unsure how many BAR points)

Though not a race and definitely not a recovery ride, Sunday CB, Joan, Susan of Primal/Treads and a few others went on a 4-hour epic mountain bike adventure(epic for me, the roadie) through Matthew Winters, Mt. Falcon, and Lair O’ the Bear. Perhaps my biggest victory over the weekend as I was able to not break a chicken wing or my bike, and I spent more time ON two wheels than two feet:) I foresee more mountain biking in my immediate future.