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Glamor Shots.

This image is typically what I think of when I’m told that it’s portrait time. Luckily, I never was given the opportunity to tease my hair, put on cyan eyeshadow and tuck my fist ever so slightly beneath my chin for a picture that will have a gaussian blur filter applied so thickly that there was no point to getting gussied up to begin with….but I digress. It was picture time, gosh darn it, and our team was out in full force.

I’ll spare all the details as pictures speak louder than words; however, Chris Case of Sonic Boom Racing deserves a much needed thank you for his hard work and putting up with 8 chicks making him stop after each shot, review each picture after it was taken, and having as many “re do’s” as we wanted. Check out his work at if you get a second. I wonder why we didn’t make it to his ‘favorites’ portfolio?

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