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2011 Race Season Starts for Tribella Race Team

Rachel Scott (front) and Jenny Kumbier (back) at Frostbite TT

Race Report from Jenny Kumbier

Frost Bite Time Trial


SW Cat 4

9th place


Alright its official the 2011 bike race season has finally begun for me. I raced in the Frost Bite time trial for the first time last Saturday. The Frostbite TT is set up as an out and back, approximately 11.6 miles total distance, on a rolling I-25 frontage road north of Fort Collins. It felt good to get the first race jitters out of my system, and re-acquaint myself with pre-race formalities. It started out looking to be a mighty fine day, sunny skies and climbing temperatures. However, the Frost Bite TT name had to hold some truth and soon enough the clouds rolled in and temperatures started to drop a bit and hovered around 40oF. I was riding my road bike with clip on aero bars and borrowing my husband’s aero helmet, I was set to race. My teammate Rachel drove up for the event which was great since we were able to warm up together. After some trial and error, we decided to warm up on the road close to where we parked. Rachel was off first and rocked a killer second place for the SW Cat 3 group. I received a few compliments on our new Sugoi kits designed by CBKreativ as I rolled up to the start line. I shifted my bike into the correct gear and headed up to the start line.


Right off the line I tried to get up to my selected speed as quickly as possible all the while fumbling to start my computer. I have since turned on the automatic start/start detect option. The course is slightly downhill on the way out and there was a moderate head wind going out as well. I did not want to push too hard on the way out knowing that I had to battle the uphill after the turn around. However, I went out too easy. This strategy ended up adding nearly a minute onto my time, since I flew on the way back compared to the way out. I felt good after the turn around, especially with the slight tail wind. I should have gone harder in the first half since I had a good amount of energy after the turnaround. Another issue I noticed when I reviewed my data was that I didn’t do a good job holding a constant speed. I had some pretty big spikes in speed when I would hit a flatter section and then my speed would quickly drop when I hit more of an incline. This may have been caused by improper shifting, and the need to come out of my aero bars to shift didn’t help much. All in all I feel that it was a good learning experience and gives me some insight on what to work on for the time trial I compete in.


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