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Face of TriBella

We are putting on a new face for the 2011 season. We have chosen a new shop sponsor for the upcoming 2011 Season and with that being said we will now be known as the TriBella Women’s racing team. You can find us at our new site: and while you’re at it, check us out on Facebook and Twitter too!

The new shop sponsor “Tribella” is the world’s first dedicated women’s multisport store. They are located in Denver and will be opening their doors to business in March of 2011. They will be helping women of all abilities to get into the sport that they want to pursue.

Our Nutrition/Cycling event was a great success on November 16th with a turn out of well over 20 people. We fielded a lot of questions and were able to provide insight on using the great products we have from PowerBar. Our team has gone through multiple transformations but remains a PowerBar using team throughout the years. PowerBar has been a product that we have all been able to count on to provide the energy needed, ease of use, not causing stomach issues and having products for all stages of training/racing including training, racing and recovering.